And today's earworm is....

Mad Doug Biker

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Craggy Island
I had of all things, the tune to Lawrence Of Arabia in my head earlier. Gnomewhere near as cultured as your effort though NT, your Mum would be proud!


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Hong Kong

Not a bad earworm I must say. Better than the usual.


North Essex
I actually like this one!! (and can even put up with the punning) - I prefer Bowie when he doesn't take himself too seriously
I have NEVER heard a Bowie track that I hav'nt liked. I cant pretend to have listened to everything he's ever done but he is one artiste that I could guarantee to enjoy listening to, no matter my mood. Always the mark of a GREAT artiste, theres always something new to hear in his arrangements. And while i'm on the subject, the same could be said for the band Queen. Two of music's unique performers.:addict:
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