Andy's Modelmaking Misadventures

The track has arrived: only needed one set of points thankfully, and a few metres of flexible track.


The company making track seem to be going for retro packaging, or these have been sitting in Munich for a very long time...

Meanwhile, the workbench is in use, or being buried, depending on your point of view...



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It's old packaging.

This looks better than it is:

Those little brass bits next to the bottom of the pointy bits are based on a number of pictures of prototype wagons: the pointy bits are supposed to fold down so they are out of the way when loading and unloading and I assume this provides a bit more support or helps them stay straight when this happens.

A real model maker would doubtless make these movable on a model but as I am so far from being a “proper” model maker I couldn’t find one with a telescope, mine are firmly glued to the wagon.

In my usual style, I them managed to put the little curvy bits on backwards…

The vertical bits should fold down within the length of the wagon, which is why they are slightly offset. In the picture above they should all fold to the right.

Now I’m sure you see the problem.

Somehow your correspondent managed to make both sides of the wagon before noticing this, and now an inability to see the mistake has been replaced by an inability to not see the result, so the next model making sessions will involve pulling bits out and turning them around…
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