Anglesey - Portsmouth


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Hi all,

I'm planning to cycle from Holyhead in Anglesey to Portsmouth, was wondering if anyone has done this before and knows a good route or has any tips?



Hi Rust, Welcome to CC :smile:

No useful input from me but just general nosiness.

Are you planning on doing it in one go or having a stop somewhere along the way?

What bike will you use?

Will you let us know how it goes?


Firstly, I haven't cycled this route but I know much of it from cars and motorbikes.

I think that there is a Sustrans route (I can't find which on at the moment, I find the route guidance bit of their website appalling but I think that it's National Route 5) which will get you from Anglesey to Reading. From Reading, you can go via Basingstoke, Alton, West Meon then Waterlooville then drop down to Portsmouth.

Good luck, it's a long ride.
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