Annual october dales ride posted on behalf of andrew wheatley

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North Yorks
It’s that time of year again – the season for the annual midweek Dales ride, which for the last 3 years has started in Hawes. Oldnewbiker (onb) usually organises it, but he’s recovering from a broken collar-bone at the moment, and he’s asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking on the job this year. With his agreement, I’m suggesting a different starting point this year (Settle), so that we can explore a different part of the Dales for a change.

What I was thinking of was starting in Settle, and going via Austwick, Ingleton and Kingsdale to Dent. Then back via Barbondale, Burton in Lonsdale, High Bentham, Keasden and Eldroth back to Settle. That's 52.4 miles according to Tracklogs, with just over 1500 metres of climbing. You can see the route in more detail at - just search for Barbondale, and click on the route entered by “dayrider” (that’s me).

I hope that some of the usual suspects will be able to turn up again this year, but newcomers are very welcome too. It’s a social ride, not a race – what we tend to do is to re-group at the top of each significant hill. As a guide to new participants, my average road speed for the whole ride last year was 12.2mph, and that was a route which included the Buttertubs pass, the climb from Keld to Tan Hill, and the climb from Grinton over to Redmire.

The proposed starting time is 10:15am outside the Naked Man Café in Settle, and I’m assuming that we would be able to find somewhere to have lunch in Dent – if anyone knows different, please let me know a.s.a.p.

Last year we did the ride on a Thursday, so unless that’s inconvenient for more than one or two, I propose to stick to that, and I suggest Thursday 11 October. If you’re interested, please reply below.



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Looks interesting, but a bit out of may way, especially for a midweek ride.

Here's a link directly to the route on Bikely
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