another BB creaky prob?


I've looked through other threads on this and looked through the sheldons creaky noises link thing and am stil not sure.

I have a bianchi nirone, done about 1600 miles so far and about 100 or so ago I started to get a creak from what I feel is the BB/Pedals may even be the steering head ?

When applying a good bit of force, i.e. when climbing or in motorbike parlance when "pressing on" I get a creaking sound.

Pedals all seem tight, I would not expect a BB failure at 1600 miles, would I? and have tightened thebheadset. Tihgtening the headset, its one of these new fabgledintegrated aheadset things proved a bit hit and miss, how tight can you have it? It seems I now have mine "very tight"

And still the bloody thing creaks when pushing hard


Gerry Attrick

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The problemwith such creaks and squeaks is that whilst they may appear to be originating in one place, they can start elsewhere and be transmitted along the frame tubes to appear to come from somewhere else.

First thing, are you using clipless pedals? The cleat/pedal interface is a well-known spot for such noises. If you are happy there, check the pedal threads to the crank arms. They should be lightly greased before tightening. Then move to the crank arm/bottom bracket axle interface. Again a light coat of grease on the square taper/splines, whatever you have helps to prevent corrosion as well as eliminating squeaks.

Next, and not so obvious are the chainring bolts. Then, assuming you have a cartridge type BB, the fixing collars and the outer surface of the cartridge itself can be lightly greased. I have known several instances of the cartridge fretting against the inside of the BB shell causing noise.

So you get the idea? Work upwards methodically and slowly eliminating every interface of metal to metal, including stem/handlebar joint.

One word of warning, do not under any circumstances lubricate any carbon fibre items with oil or grease. If you have any such parts, use carbon fibre assembly paste.

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There is one other source for this type of noise. I know, it drove me wild and only found it by checking every nut and bolt for tightness on the entire bike. Check the cassette locking ring is fully done up , any slack and it allows a tiny bit of movement which sounds just like a creak from the BB or pedals.


Thanks folks, I did as suggested, worked my way up. Tightened, greased, tightened etc. Did the headset and stem bolts yet again, and I "think" its cured. Of couse I now don't know which bit of tightening and greasing did the trick as I spent most of last evening fiddling, sorry tightening, etc.

However on my ride this morning I seemed to get one creak when starting off then glorious silence. I suspect the headset/stem bolt combo may have been the solution but it sure seems strange that something at the top sounds like it comes from the bottom!

Fingers crossed this is it
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