Another bib-short thread: DHB Aeron vs Decathlon 900 sizing

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Have trawled past threads for guidance but not found anything directly relevant, and didn't want to tag onto the end of another thread as this is quite a specific question so...

Can anyone offer first hand experience of the sizing/fit difference between DHB's latest Aeron bib shorts (with the EI pad) and what were the Decathlon 900 series bibs?

I wear an XL in the 900 bib-shorts and L in the bib-tights to allow for the tights' baggier shoulder straps. I'm a stocky 6ft, 34-35" waist and 44" chest and have pretty big legs.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


West Sussex, UK
Answering my own question and for anyone interested, I went with DHB/Wiggle's size guide and ordered the large Aeron bibs.

Good fit everywhere other than the legs, which were far too tight. Suspect if I went with XL the bibs will be too long. Frustrating.
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