Another clicking noise problem - headset area ??

wyre forest blues

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My bike is a Cannondale Synapses 2014 Tiagra, 4 months old, 1500 miles approx. Last ride out I have noticed a clicking noise when I go over bumps in the road. Not loud, but nevertheless annoying. The noise appears to be coming from the headset / stem / fork area. It happens when both pedaling and not pedaling. I can replicate the noise when stationary (off the bike) by pushing suddenly and hard down on the stem / handlebars, (ie replicating an uneven road surface) but no noise when pushing down on the top tube.
I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to bike mechanics, but should be able to dismantle the stem / steering tube.
My question is, can someone point me in the direction of what this might be... perhaps removal of the stem and steering tube and grease?
Thanks in advance.


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I had this exact same thing last year. Even doing the same handlebar 'bounce' as you are doing! Took out the little headset cap and the noise went away. Light smear of grease on it and put it back in and the noise has never come back.

Took me a couple of weeks to narrow it down to this!

Good luck.
wyre forest blues

wyre forest blues

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Thanks SD. Have just had a read of my road maintenance book and it seems like it could be the headset compression bolt needs tightening...I will check tomorrow.. just need to loosen the bolts that clamp the headset to the stem, then tighten (very slightly) the top cap compression bolt.
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