Another hello.


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Hello all,

Just started picking up the cycling again after an extended period of laziness - like to think it was not enough time, but if I'm really honest with myself.....!

I live near Otley, West Yorkshire, hence the username (it's the name of the hill overlooking the town, and a major landmark locally). Most cycling is either commuting (when not being lazy) or touring (looking forward to a week or so in the Jura later this summer), but would like to build up distances again, and include sportives/audaxes. As a family, we're pretty bike oriented: other half commutes to work on bike most days, whilst older teenage offspring is more into mountain biking (although he's doing a fair bit of roadwork for training at present). And yes, we are glued to the TdF (and pretty much every other bike race on Eurosport, including the Otley Race broadcast a couple of weeks ago!).

Look forward to 'meeting' people on various threads.


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Hello and welcome ex-lazy person! :tongue:


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Welcome. Plenty of people around these parts to help you with distance work / audax / training / sportives. Look forward to seeing you in the forums.
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