'Another Knee' - Update


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Way back on the 6th March, I mentioned a persistent knee problem (hell, that long ago?). I've been doing the exercises some of you recommended, and they did help (and thanks again for the help), but didn't stop the knee pain entirely.

Well, this morning I finally got to see a physio and the diagnosis was rather surprising. She told me I have a shorter right leg! :smile:. She also found excessive lateral movement in my right knee-cap, and a fallen right foot arch. The pain was from the ITB and over-tight hamstrings.

I now have to wear a foot support on the right leg, and gel heel supports on both feet. She also gave me some stretching and balancing exercises to do, and I have a return appointment in three weeks. She gave me a temporary support for the right foot, and I have to say the difference I felt just walking home from the hospital has been a revelation - funny how you can get to your late 40's without noticing a slightly shorter leg!

At least now a resolution seems to be in sight and hopefully it won't be too long until I'm back on the bike...:sad:


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From one with the odd knee prob .All the best .Hope you don't need surgery or it will be 6-8 weeks off the bike .

You could always take up Cricket .A fine short leg is always in demand .
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