Another New Bike Thread!


I have been commuting the last year or so on my trusty Marin Muirwood which has recently had a bad time with someone kicking the hell out of the back wheel while chained up. It now has a couple of snapped spokes plus no back brake. To fix it up I would need a new back wheel and brakes plus the drive train isn't as good as it was so I would do that up as well. However as I am moving further away from work I have just thought sod it I will get a new bike better suited.

My thoughts are aiming towards a spesh Tricross or similar type cross bike. Does anyone own one out there? What are their opinions on them?

What similar bikes are out there, I know Planet X do one and as I also own one of their superlights I would be tempted back if they are good but I can't find anyone who owns one!

Thanks for any advice!
Sorry about the bike. When I bought my Road Bike I had it narrowed down to a Tricross and a C2C Bianchi (their comfort range). I opted for the Bianchi but I don't use it for comuting.


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Bought a tricoss and used it to commute last year.I put mudguards and a rear rack on for the winter. Did over 6000miles no problems.Mine is the double chainset 34/48 ended putting wider cassette on to give lower gears for longer,hilly rides around northumberland.Pleased with the bike and recommend it for steady commuting'its never going to be ultrafast as its a little heavier than a racing bike.Think this years model is available with triple chainset and tiagra sti's, mine are sora sti's which have been fine but only 8 speed of course. I changed my tyres to marathon plus instead of the spesh bouroughs supplied with the bike.Hope this helps:becool:
I've had a tricross since March. Use it mostly for commuting about 16 miles a day on country roads but do go offroad on tracks/sustrans routes etc. It's great. Takes me up the steep hill next to my house whilst I'm still dozing. I get overtaken by race riders - but I make them work at it! I put on mudguards and am about to fit a rack for a camping trip.


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Thanks for all the feedback, tried out the tricross last week and looks like a new purchase is required!!

Also decided I am going to try to rebuild my own bike up myself to get some understanding of how bikes go together so look out for more questions here!
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