Another tracking/emergency beacon option

This has popped up at Gizmag.



The system offers three distinct functions - Cerberlink, CerberTouch and CerberCenter - and uses smartphone and satellite messaging to keep you in touch with the outside world...

The most basic layer of Cerberus is the CerberTouch app. This free app provides cellular-based communications and tracking. With the app, your phone works in conjunction with Google Maps to share your location with contacts via a series of "breadcrumbs" that show the progress of your journey. CerberTouch also allows you to opt in for weather, news and other alerts, so that you stay up to date on information relevant to you.

Of course, if you're really traveling "to hell and back," cell phone coverage will be spotty or non-existent. That's where Cerberlink comes in. It's a satellite device similar to the SPOT Messenger and other satellite rescue beacons. It allows you to send pre-drafted messages to friends, letting them know that you're doing okay, and activate emergency rescue should you get into trouble - all at the push of a button...

When using Cerberlink + Cerbertouch in an emergency situation, you can tap the "Distress" button on your touchscreen to get in contact with a CerberCenter rep, who will serve as your personal survival "concierge," getting you the help you need. During rescue, you can communicate back and forth. If you'd prefer, you can also opt to have your distress signal forwarded directly to local search and rescue or personal emergency contacts.
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