Anti-doping 'passports'


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andy_wrx said:
Think this'll work ?

In addition to testing for specific substances, they'll now have a baseline blood profile to compare on-event test results against.

Also amused by
"Anne Gripper, the UCI's anti-doping chief"
- sounds like she should be good at the job...
I don't see why not, provided:

a) samples are properly stored and analysed, and
:biggrin: there is knowledge that what The Gripper et al are testing for does not naturally change over the course of time - would be an easy get-out clause.

I confess I know nothing about how samples would be stored and maintained or what could realistically be expected to change over time. Anyone else?

How would this fit in with current testing protocols? At present they simply test against a pre-defined set of expected results. If it were to supercede this system, I suppose the potential is there for some riders to pass tests that others might fail, correct?:ohmy:
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