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I usually buy norton internet security from a third party(Argos,Pc World etc) rather than their own website as it is a lot more expensive but i keep reading if you do this you cannot proceed with the installation unless you leave your card details for auto-renewal.You can turn this off in settings but norton make this difficult for you.It seems all the other big players(Bit Defender,Kapersky,Mcafee)all do this as well.
I don't like this practise so i am looking at free AV like Microsoft Defender and others.From what i have read Microsoft Defender is only a basic AV free with windows but when you use it with premium malwarebytes which i have they make a strong partnership.
Awaiting your opinions on this.


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Defender is what I use along with Malwarebytes.


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Another satisfied Defender and Malwarebytes user. Don't see any reason to use anything else.

AVG used to be good (haven't used it in a long time) as was Avast but in my experience, using Norton slowed computers to a crawl.


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Defender, Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Just the basic free versions. Years ago, the Norton helpline actually had the dubious honour of completely lousing up my PC to the extent that I had to reinstall Windows from scratch. A valuable lesson...……...don't ever, ever let an "expert" take remote control of your computer.


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As everyone above has said.

Though I think much of the protection is down to what you do/don't click on. Don't click links that you don't recognise, don't open e-mails from people you don't know, don't open attachments unless you're expecting them, don't go to weird websites...


BTW. Kaspersky and Bitdefender only require an activation code - no card details are required. You can but these legitimate codes from the likes of eBay. Whether you want to use these products is another matter and btw I have used both and had no problems


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My choice, as explained in a separate thread is:

I use McAfee Livesafe. Originally bought it just to cover my PC and iPad against viruses and malware but since it protects me on unlimited devices I added my iPod and my phone too. It lets me locate any device if lost, sound an alarm on the device, or remotely wipe it. Well worth £16 a year.


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I have this ongoing argument with my best mate who doesn't trust MS Security (or its predecessors) and every year coughs up £60 (or whatever it is these days) for Norton.

We've run the free MS AV packages for years with zero infections on our various computers.

I read very recently that MS Security was rated very highly by a panel of experts - can't remember who they were but the article and what they said seemed to have some authority.


£60 for a year is well OTT. I’ve just looked at eBay and a 5 machine licence for Kaspersky, as an example, is around £17 i.e. around £3.50 per machine per year. Single and 3 machine licences are also widely available
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