Any bargains on inner tubes?

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Lucky Luke

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Depends on how many you want to buy at once . I would do a search on ebay there's quite a few that offer "buy it now" deals if you want 10 or more tubes say .

Mr Phoebus

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10 x 700c tubes here on eBay.
I used to get 10 x 700c 19/23 Vittoria tubes off eBay for £18.00, free P&P, but he's stopped doing that deal. (different seller)
The above deal is still really good though.


tubes are like two or three quid each aren't they?

long time since I bought one mind, how many do you need in a year?
My LBS price matched the best deal I could find on the internet for 10 Specialized tubes a few months back. They checked it on their pc while I waited. Worth seeing if your LBS will do the same - saves having to wait around for them coming!

The stall on Ipswich market sells seamless butyl Kenda tubes for £1.50 they are excellent quality , come in a nice box and best of all made Taiwan not China!!


Steve Austin said:

I would rather named tubes as well

23' as well

I'm interested in this...

Either the tyres I've got are crap (Michelin Dynamic) OR my bad luck is just ongoing :rolleyes:
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