Any Dads got kids that play football. My cousin


has just text me to say that one of her sons who is 10 was playing today and his team won 14 - 1. good result and all that but he scored every one of the 14. Never heard of someone scoring as much as that at any level. Have any of you?

Either way I bet the wee man is chuffed with himself tonight!


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Were they drug tested?


How much does it cost to Oldham?
When I was a boy I was tighthead prop in a rugby team that was the most sucessful schoolboy team in manchester. A good few of our games were abandoned when the scoreline reached 99, usually 99-6 or something like that. Brilliant. Until we met morcambe, that is. Bunch of dwarves mullered us every time and boy were they organised. Even though they were small the scrum was like pushing against a car.

I gave up rugby at the age of 16 cos it started hurting too much.


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Greedo said:
Have any of you?

Yes! I once scored 20 goals in a netball game against St Chads from Falling's Park in Wolves. I was 15 and the other team averaged 13 years. Result! Who are you? Who are you? :wahhey: :biggrin:
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