Any idea what its worth.

Stevei T

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Hi all
Had my first ride on a road bike on Friday after 18 months of training on my old mtb. It was leant by a friend of a friend, and is a Giant CFR expert,
with a shimano 105 8 speed double groupset and a composite frame, and looks to be in really good condition.
Does anyone know how old this model would be and what its second hand value is, as i really want to make the change to a full road bike.

Any info would be appreciated.


Composite frame as in carbon, or as in "composed of various materials"?.

8 speed tells me it's not recent.

Second hand bikes are seriously cheap, for what you get.

At a guess it's over 5 yrs old (my roady, bought 2005, is 105/9speed). It prob worth half its new cost if it's in good order, possibly less. Its *value* does depend on condition to a good deal, though its *price* may not IYSWIM.
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