Any luck in the Lottery this weekend???

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Following my return to work at the end of July I now find myself religiously playing the National lottery in the hope that I will win and be financially secure to pack in my job!

However, once more I am sitting at the dining room table looking at a pile of work that needs to be done before I return to the grind tomorrow.
So do we have any closet millionaires amongst us???

Fingers crossed its me on Wednesday!:blush:


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It would pay for that Cayo wouldn't it.:blush:

I had a dream a while back about winning the Danish Lottery. Oh what a night that was. :ohmy::tongue::evil::ohmy:


Guest old story on this is: won 70 quidz once 1998 I think it was = and juh know what: i dont look at life any differently now to when I won the amount I did :blush:
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