Any nasty accidents whilst commuting

I was wondering have any of you had any nasty accidents whilst going commuting.

I did it was about 2 months ago, I was coming home from work and as I was coming up to a round-a-bout and as I was braking the bike wasn't going to stop, so pulled front brake a little harder but I pulled the brakes a little to hard went right over the handle bars. I landed on my face braking my nose took some skin off my nose and my cheek thick lip were i bit it
My helmet saved far more damage and no head injury :ohmy:
The bike front forks was a right off due to the forks being pushed back.
I am now back riding after the bike being of the road for a month.
I was a bit nervous coming up to that round-a-bout, but I am getting over that.
Yep have a look

I still cant ride a bike or bend my knee


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Well I almost did something like you when a car pulled across my path. I lifted the rear wheel through hard braking, but just managed to feather the brakes enough not to crash out. Lucky!


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Not while commuting, not for years. Slipping off on ice, getting up and swearing doesn't really count.


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get out on a mountain bike - if you're not threatening to part company with some regularity, you're not trying hard enough!

Nothing to report with the commuter tho' (yet!:o)


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A fair few - 3 bad spills through ICE, one contact with a transit van at 30 mph (broken hand and bike - hit and run), hit on nose by flying rock kicked up from car - blood every where - poured out due to Heart rate, local house called ambulance - nothing too bad though - a few training - usually nasty gravel rash at speed....

Wouldn't be fun without battle scars though !
I did the over the handlebars thing a couple of years ago when front wheel hit a sunken manhole cover in the dark. Have 3 scars as souvenir. Mrs B thinks I should have had my knee stitched as it's not the same shape anymore - nice little dip on one side.

Had my foot run over by a motorist who left turned across me at a junction once, but that's not exactly an accident, more like attempted amputation by the numpty driving.
Only one really. Went into a roundabout quite quickly (done many times before) and slipped on some gravel which had probably come off a builders truck.
My head was the first thing that hit the floor. This was before helmets were worn, in fact after this I was one of the first adopters of them. Anyway one fractured skull later............

Also once hit a huge bolt that had come off a lorry, it was dark and I didn't see it. The impact twisted the bars out of my hands which I was only holding lightly and flipped me over the bike onto my back. A car driver watched me slide within a few feet of him and then drove out of the side road he was waiting in, leaving me lying there: Luckily I was uninjured, apart from my pride.


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I've had a bus bipping it's horn for me to get out of the road after I took a 20' slide on my side, sans bike, after hitting a patch of deisel.

The bruise that developed on my hip resembled a full colour map of Africa, and an educational recouperation that was.


Nothing thankfully as of yet. I once flew over my handlebars and badly winded myself, but I was only 8 at the time ;)


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Hit a barrier in Battersea park whilst looking at a girl, over the handlebars, took all the skin of the left side of my face around my mouth and broke my wrist. The most gualling thing was how many people slowed to gawp at me and then shuffled on without another word leaving me sitting there bleeding. Another cyclist came to the rescue, bludy legend that he was took my bike home for me (I figured someone who waits with a stranger for an ambulance (suspected concussion) and lets him bleed on his coat isnt going to nick his bike).

Never saw the girl again...
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