England : Norfolk Any Norwich early morning / late evening clubs?


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Looking for advice on a cycling club :smile:

I've never done group riding before, but getting more in to it and would like to try it. Looking at various clubs though, the ride times don't look ideal... getting back at 1pm is not ideal, as I'd like to get back home in good time to spend the rest of the day with the family (6-7am start, 30-70 mile rides would be ideal).

Weekday rides would be great for me too, but again, it would be easiest after the kids are in bed! 8.30pm start would be lovely :smile:

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know how much fitness matters, but soloing I can do 70 miles at around 17mph pace (I don't know what that would translate to in a group with a break in the middle). Happy to get in on slower rides though, just looking to try out group riding!


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https://www.norwichcyclingcampaign.org/norfolk-cycling-clubs/ is a list you could investigate. Good luck!


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I ride with 53-11 club in Thorpe St Andrews. We have rides at 7pm on Monday (Very Social 20 miles) and a Tuesday (16-17avr 25 miles at this time of year, lighter nights 32 miles with coffee/ beer stop with 7 to go) Thursday 7 pm hill training at the moment, but two rides lighter nights another Tuesday night type ride with cake stop) or Faster ride 21 mph Avr. Saturday mornings on more adhoc basis mtb ride time arranged between those going can be very early or 8am. Sunday at the moment 8.30 start 50 ish miles (back by 12.30) Lighter times 8am start and 70 ish miles.
A no drop club and everyone is welcome, we adapt rides to those who are there. You are very welcome to come and have 3 or 4 rides with us to see how you get on and whether we suit you before joining. Lots of rides get arranged extra to this at convenient times for members. There is normally someone looking for a ride. There is a 53-11 Facebook page where all the details are. Hope to see you some time.


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JOOI, if it's nondrop and 16-17avg why is it named after a gear where I think you're doing maybe 25mph to start getting on top of it?
That’s published speed but we always adapt to whoever rides with us. No one gets left alone.
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