Any tips for creating Just Giving page?


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Church Youth club (11 - 18 years old) are doing a JoGLE in aid of local Children's Hospice. I've slowly got more and more involved, with route planning, training ride organiser / leader etc etc.

All the kids can run round their vast circle of friends teachers relatives etc for sponsorship, but I'm targeting more business contacts worldwide - and who knows maybe a few friends on here, so I want to set up a Just Giving page.
Never done it before, I'm sure it's not hard to do, but has anyone any tips for making the page as effective as possible?


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As with most web-ish things, have a look at other pages, and see which seem to be generating the most donations!

Its not hard to create a page btw, and do create one, then go back and update/improve it - hard to get it all right to start with on their systems.

Next, you need to consider how you will publicise the link.
Ideally, I'd say you need to be pushing it way outside the immediate group of people taking part and their parents/relatives.
Maybe publicise it with flyers through the doors of local village(s)?
Phone your local radio station, they love this sort of thing (when I tried it, I got a 3 mins interview on Radio Cambridgeshire - not exactly national press, but it certainly didn't hurt).

Make sure people understand where the money they give is going - who is paying for the costs of actually doing the event, things like hall costs, travel costs, food for participants etc. If its all being put up "for free", and all money donated is going to the charity (minus the justgiving fee) then say so. We also made the point that just giving was the charity's preferred way of raising funds, not some oddball online scam, where "a penny in every pound given goes to charity" ;-)

Good luck :-)
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