Any womens out there looking for a racer?


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I've been keeping an eye on this on the off-chance of getting it for a song - sometimes they slip under the radar. This one hasn't, and is clearly heading north of what I'm prepared to pay...but I think it may still go for a price that makes it Very Good Value. I could be wrong, and the photo doesn't help much....but someone out there may be interested.


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It can't be a ladies' bike... it has a crossbar, and there isn't a straw basket on the front! And no ladybird stickers on it either! :smile::blush::laugh:


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50 minutes to go and it is still only at £74.01!

Surely a 55 cm frame is a bit on the large side for many women?

And what about the "14-speed Shimano gear cluster" - that doesn't sound very likely on a fairly modern-looking bike!

Feedback of 2... All sounds a bit iffy to me!
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