Anybody got an umbrella?


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South Beds.
it chucked it down this morning...then went really windy (not my a*se either!) and then the sun came out, dried it all up and was cooking us in the unaircond. office...:biggrin:
Typical British weather.


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Yep, I got soaked this morning! My jacket seems to have lost a lot of it's waterproofness since I finally gave in and washed it.


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Took the car in for a service wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Wasn't bothered about the rain because I'd arranged to borrow a replacement car. Get to the garage and there's no replacement! The best they could manage was a very small woman's bike with no gears and coaster brakes. Pedalled six miles back in the pouring rain.

But when I went to pick the car up, the sun was shining and I had a tail wind.
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