Anybody know why Veloflex Open tyres aren't recommended for carbon rims?


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Is it due to the shape of the bead or the possibility of damage from a stray whisker of carbon fibre?
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It is a liability thing. It is extremely difficult to make a lightweight carbon rim with a good braking track and bead. Reason for this is that the profile of that section isn't suited to fabric lay-up and basically has to be made from solid resin. Many of the hooks on the inside are sub-standard and the tyre company will be blamed if the tyre blows off, not the rim company, hence the disclaimer. I can't blame them, I've seen some atrocious hooks and it is just spit and mercy that keeps the tyre on.


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A quick Google - someone wrote to Mr Veloflex who replied that some carbon rims have a sharp hooking area which could wear the tyre material.

Sounds like Mr V saw one bad job and decided to totally cover his ass.


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I got the same reply from Ribble Cycles, who just re-quoted the warning on the packaging. I can't understand whether they mean radial sharp bits or circumferential. Surely if the user was prepared to go carefully round the rim with some fine emery paper ensuring no sharp edges, the tyres would be fine as long as the hooks were good enough to hold the bead?

I want to take a set to South Africa as a gift for a business friend who is a cyclist and uses carbon rims.


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"Nice to see you mate! I like you so much, I bought you some tyres which aren't warranted for the wheels you use"
To be fair to Gti, it would be more a case of "Nice to see you mate! I like you so much, I bought you a pair of my favourite tyres". The fact that they might not be suitable is what he is trying to understand.
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