Anybody own a Long Haul Trucker/Disc Trucker and is around 6ft?


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I'm looking at building up a Disc Trucker but unfortunately have zero idea about frame size - not many places stock them, even less have one built up, and even fewer have more than 1 size to sit on. So I ask CC instead :becool:

I'm 5'11, 29" inside leg and a size 11/12 foot, so if anybody is similar to that, could you post what size frame you've got and how it feels sizewise? I'm not going to buy based on this alone but If I can narrow it down to 1/2 frame sizes I'll be able to ring around shops and go to the ones that have one built up (potentially).

Plus it's going to cost a bloody fortune so I don't want to get it wrong! :laugh:

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