Anybody seen @compo


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Has he ran off with a chuffin' Pole?!


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not sure if the moderators do ?
Why should they contact him?
People have their own reasons not to visit, have a break from the forum or to leave. If they want to contact, they will. either through here, through friends or other social media. Some people just like a break now and again, just like @coffeejo did.


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It's an interesting one. I told a couple of people that I needed a break and my space was respected, for which I was extremely grateful. However, had I been in an accident or something, I would probably either have become a permanent fixture to keep myself entertained or asked someone to do a "rider down" post in my absence. I think it's different when it comes to illness (physical or mental) as the little bubbles in which we exist online lose their priorities when real life takes over. I suppose it's really down to whether your online "friends" are just that - people you get on with online and only online - or if they've become real life friends.
Mnnn, it is an interesting point indeed.
It just goes to show that one or two people here appreciates his posts, hence this thread. I understand that an Internet forum is a very impersonal thing but we are still humans and we shouldn't behave like robots.

Perhaps I'm more sensitive about this subject now, after what happened to @CRVFR - I guess nobody here would have known that he got killed in an accident...... so if there is any doubt, I'm not trying to get into somebody's business, it's true that I don't know him personally but then again I enjoy reading his comments so I wonder ... I'm not a robot :smile: the world would be a better place if people could be a little more caring I think.


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[QUOTE 3744329, member: 45"]I don't see anything wrong with being concerned about another member and wanting some reassurance that they're OK.

And on that, has anyone spoken to @GrumpyGregry recently?[/QUOTE]
I don't see what's wrong with it either. But that's the nature forums. They are transient places. People come and go for all sort's of reasons.

Greg's fine... He's running more now and post on FB
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