Anyone any personal experience of having a pacemaker fitted?

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What was it like?
How was quality of life after?
Looks like my 87 year old mum is going to have one fitted.
Lots on internet, but I'd like to hear some personal experiences.


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Not my personal experience, but that of an elderly cyclist that I got chatting to a few months ago while waiting for a train at Garforth station ...

He'd had a number of serious health issues including cardiac problems which led to him being fitted with a pacemaker some years before. He is now in his early 80s and when I met him he was on his way back from an afternoon ride. I think he said he'd done 30+ miles on his bike. He was very cheerful and still enjoyed cycling two or three times a week. I was impressed and thought that I'd like to be like him in 25 years time! :smile:

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I had a vagal nerve stimulator for 8 years (similar surgery to a pacemaker, but the wire goes up the neck). It was annoying during any sports (I assume your mum won't have to worry about that). Post-op wasn't that bad recovery-wise. Your mum should carry a card or a medic alert bracelet afterwards.


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Thank you.
It didn't happen: they ran out of batteries.
Tomorrow now.
Blimey, that's annoying - having the stressful build-up and then having to go through it again! Hopefully, they gave plenty of notice so she didn't have to miss her meals?

(When I was in hospital and due for a CT scan, they told me not to eat or drink beforehand, but didn't bother telling me when a couple of emergency cases came in and my scan was put back a day!)


Thank you all for your responses,
Mum is due to have a pacemaker fitted thus afternoon.
My mum got her's fitted this afternoon. Apparently, they do not turn it on for a couple of weeks or so.


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Your mum should be absolutely fine once she has been turned on (EXCUSE THE EXPRESSION!) Pacemakers are fitted either because the heart rate is too slow due to heart block or because the heart rate becomes too low sporadically. In either case, your mum will feel better and be much less likely to have symptoms than before. The operation is very straightforward and your mum should be up and about in no time.
I have not had one fitted....I am a nurse and have looked after many many people who have.
My Mum had one fitted. It made a huge difference to her. There was a bit of tinkering around with drugs for a bit after it was fitted. I think that was to get the blood viscosity right.
Beware of the old wives tales!

Shop security and airport security don't affect the modern shielded pacemakers unless you stand there for some time.

If in doubt carry the card that identifies your device and show to officials

More info here
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