Anyone been published?

An article in Special Educational Needs magazine earlier this year on special needs cycling.  

Reproduced here.. ( )

My mum would have been so proud.


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Yeah, me, I printed something that's in the public domain. Thousands and thousands have read it and since there's no CCTV cameras on that motorway bridge, I'll probably get away with it an' all.


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Cycling Weekly published the tale of The Wasp Down my Bibshorts in their It Shouldn't Happen to a Cyclist feature, unfortunately a couple of weeks before they started giving away track pumps for the stories.   :sad:


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A number of articles in general bussiness and industry specific publications on areas involving risk, security, disaster and business continuity management.......

Working ona a paper concerning business resilience and planning a book based on research findings.

My wife has anumber of articles and photos published also with a book also being written for publishing through one of her magazine titles.


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I wrote a brief article on do's and don'ts for cyclists and motorists that was published in the News Shopper (free paper in SE London). I think it's still available on their website.
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