Anyone changed from a Bolt to a Roam?

Mark pallister

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Definitely,the screen is a huge upgrade ,worth the money alone
but you’ve also got turn by turn mapping


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The Roam came out (annoyingly) just after I bought my Bolt. It looks nice, but I find the mapping fine on the Bolt, and using RideWithGPS routes it gives turn-by-turn routing... I gather the Roam has navigation built in, but I like the way the Bolt links to my phone so that doesn’t really bother me.
Hmmmm.... interesting timing. My 3 year old Elemnt has a dying battery and I'm considering a bolt or Roam. (To be fair to Wahoo I'm entitled to a decent % off a new unit).

The Bolt uses the same software as the Elemnt but is different to the roam.

I've narrowed down the differences as following: (I'm only interested in navigation)
Detailed colour maps as opposed to far less detailed "pencil" maps
Take me to start routing facility over short distances
Back on course functionality when off course
Ability to pick a spot on a map (on the unit and get TbT directions)
The Roam has +4 hours of battery life.

(I'd love some input from Roam users if I'm wrong)

This is where no one gps unit fits all sizes.
I don't like to be dragged back on course ( a lot of my time is spent off course! ^_^)
I'm assuming this feature cannot be turned off?
I don't need detailed colour maps - my phone is far superior to that.
From reviews the cross hairs to create a new route on the unit is clumsy.
Does anyone know if I can input an address into the unit directly, or only through the app?
Because of far larger maps the storage on the unit is far less. Because of the way Wahoo uses wifi, some types of wifi (think Starbuck's) are not compatible for the unit and thus upgrading maps.

I've come to the conclusion that the Roam does not suit my needs. The only significant difference is in detailed, coloured maps on a larger screen. For the price, that's not enough for me ^_^

I've no idea about difference in other performance measures.
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Mark pallister

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Have a good look at them the screen on the roam is a massive upgrade from the bolt
not the size but the contrast and sharpness
its worth the upgrade for that alone in my opinion
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