Anyone done an 8am taster session?

As per title. I'm on one at Manchester this Friday, but I'm wondering what sort of people do these early sessions?

I can't imagine many average Joe's, (except me and NotThatJasonKenny) doing them, so I'm getting a bit twitchy that all the others will be track veterans and I'll end up looking a right t!t.

I've been before but on a later session.

Anyone done any early ones?


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Well now I have, and TBH it was the same as the last one I did, (which was a 12 o'clock).

It wasn't rammed with experienced riders after all and there was a good smattering of first timers too.

All in all another great hour spent at the track, and made better by riding my own bike too, happy days :thumbsup:


How much does it cost to Oldham?
We've organised a couple of 8 AM jobs on a sunday morning (private session)'s nice with the sun streaming through the windows-before it gets too warm and what have you.

Which reminds me- the track iron's been hung up since about april. Must rectify.


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Go for it. Anyone turning up to a taster session and riding in a way that would put any newbies off is an assclown.

I've done a couple of 8am sessions and everyone has been fine, good way to start the day :biggrin:


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Apart from still recovering from a cold it was great! Can't wait for the next one! Of course now I'm looking at track bikes! Doh!

Oh if anyone knows who the redhead girl from Manchester wheelers is, tell her she is awesome! (And gorgeous!)
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