Anyone else suffer crutch blow out with jeans ????


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Hi ppl,

New to the forum and not sure on the admin rules, so dont want to post any links to my website.

I run a business doing denim jean restoration, repairs and alterations and after doing lots of crutch/crotch blowout repairs/restoration work and also knee splits for a few cyclists.

(ive attached a few before and after examples, to give you a better idea)

I was after some advise from fellow cyclists, if its just the minority of cyclists who suffer with denim wearing out or do you all tend to get this.

I normally focus on advertising in fashion magazines etc...but have found a lot of cyclists have been bringing in or sending there denim to me to be repaired in these typical areas mentioned.

So do you think it may be a worth while advistising in a cyclist magazine and if so which ones are the main ones ??

Sorry being a bit off topic for this forum, any help would be grateful.

Regards Mike


mark barker

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Swindon, Wilts
I always cycle in jeans and haven't had any real problems with them wearing out... I doubt too many folks on here will be quick to comment as most have a fetish for lycra! ;)


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I could not think of anything worse to ride in, to be honest I think you would be wasting your money advertising in a cycling mag


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My genes were threadbare a long time ago. Agreed though, the title gives this thread legs! Good luck.
I used to get my jeans breaking there many years ago, not by cycling though. I had just the one pair or two pairs at the most so after a while they would inevitably brake. My wife used to fix them by stitching some old denim from an old pair of jeans and, in all honesty, the end job looked a lot better of what your pictures show and probably lasted much longer. These days I have so many pairs of jeans that I never get to wear them out :rolleyes:


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I imagine a lot of cycling in this country is done by people wearing jeans. It's not a very good fabric to wear when cycling but that doesn't mean people don't wear it. It makes sense that it would be common, as it's one of the most common things people wear.
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