Anyone fancy this


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classic33 said:

Nope :biggrin:


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Rhythm Thief said:
I tried and tried to get the hang of unicycling - my younger brother can ride one and juggle at the same time - but I can't do it to save my life.

While I wouldn't want to see you hurt, I'd be amused to know of situation in which being able to ride a unicycle would save your life....

I see you being chased by a lion or something....


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Tis hard. I got one a while back and it's had more use as a bit of modern art on my wall than use on the pavement. However, am gonna give it a go when it's a bit warmer as I'd like to be able to and it's great for core stability.


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Took delivery of a 20" uni a couple of weeks ago, i was able to ride in a squigly line after a few hrs practice. Probably many years on a fixed wheel helped.

Highly recommended for a bit of a laugh, looking forward to seeing my nephews trying out at the weekend.
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