Anyone gone 29" from 26" and got tyres they no longer use ?


North Essex
I have gone the other way-------------------------------that is to mean, I've gone 26" from 29"
This has left me with a surplus of tyres and tubes that I have no use for. There is a Geax Saguaro 29 X 2, a Ritchey Shield 29 X 2.1 (rare in this size) & a Maxxis High Roller 29 X 2.1 All 3 are the wire bead type requiring tubes. Non have ever been punctured nor travelled anything more than 50-60 miles, so are in excellent condition, clean and ready to fit. I have the relevant tube to go with each tyre Presta valves.
Is it possible that anyone has ANY 26 X 2+ tyres they would be willing to swap for any of these tyres. Each to pay their own P+P. The perfect match, from my point of view, would be Schwalbe Fat Albert, but other than Rapid Robs and Nobby Nics, I would be willing to consider other tyres or brands. So long as they are 26 X 2 minimum, and of comparable condition. Pics to be exchanged before any deals done. Thanx for looking. Oooohhhh sorry, thought I was on fleabay for a minute :excl:
P.S. I only check this site in the evenings, so please be patient for any replies. Thanx again.
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