Anyone got a tin hat?

Elmer Fudd

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Bigtallfatbloke said:
Essex man has started his bonfire night barrage already.;):rolleyes::smile:
Already ??? Started a week ago here, expecting it to end on the 5th of Jan 2008 ( my b'day ! hint ! hint ! Cards and prezzies to the usual address please ).


I had a great ride over to a friends tonight. I took the high road and had a really good view of all the whizzbangs and fires. I got bought a pint from someone I haven't seen in ages :smile: and then I nearly get a free trip to A+E.

Some numpty is setting off his poxy 20 quid box of damp squibs outside my friends house. Lord knows what he did but a dozen rocket types were being launched horizontally and one hit the garage door as I'm trying to put my keys in the door ;). Cue swearing.

I don't think I'd be much good under fire.


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Blackpool's barrage has just begun, must be getting old never used to bother me but then could'nt buy the fireworks they can now when I was younger.
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