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ridiculous old lush
I caught it off a woman of ill repute but the cream has helped:blush:


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Had a similar thing the other week GA - a French sounding bike in our local rag, I couldn't find out anything about it. Could well be spelt wrong - that's my theory.

Ps Love the 'Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Technician' line!! :laugh:
Gerry's back - to announce that he has just bought the 'Ernesto' :laugh:
Gerry Attrick

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
No intention of buying anything me old mate. Just curious to know what its all about. As always, you guys have come up with information where Google has failed.

Thanks for your responses.

Oh and TBM, I am not called often in my capacity as Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Technician, but I like to think I provide comfort should anyone be in need.


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Perangelo Olagnero

This is the 'signature model' Olagnero, a small boutique frame builder in Italy,

I have one a really lovely bike! My 'other' bike is a Cervelo RS, but I prefer the Olagnero on many rides...

All Shimano 600 and 500 EX crank and mechs, 105 brakes and hubs, 53/39 T rings and 12/23 rear freehub

photos here :biggrin:


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Paddy O'Lagnero - A well known Irish builder. When not fitting kitchens and bathrooms he uses the left over bits of pipe from the plumbing jobs to build bikes.
Apparently his lightweight 'uPVC Sewer and bath pipe' frame was used to great effect by Bradley Wiggins on the last TdeF.
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