Anyone know of a cheap compat. look shoe...

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Have just bought a pair of these well impressed, they are look compatible but might be a bit cold for Winter.

Clicky for shoes


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i guess you are desperate to sort your shoe problem (due to the amount of post running).
i too had a dilemma last year, carbon or not, £vs performance, winter proof?
i bought spesh road comps. LAST YEARS tho'. massive discounts to be had, lots of room for wider feet (or thicker socks) and got some planet x neoprene overshoes. warm as toast for winter!


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Soles are super stiff deffo not for walking in, fit is good, really like the offset velcro straps. Stlye is understated rather than really pimpy. The uppers will take some stick the mesh on the top of the shoe and the port at the front of the shoe wont be heavy winter friendly but overshoes will sort that another thumbs up for the Planet X ones wore em all winter last year for mtbing nay cold feet.

Price is a steal at the mo also.


Do these do mail-order they don't indicate it on site ????????

Tim Bennet. said:
I'm sure the Decathlon shoes are Look compatable. (Both French!)

Get over to Stockport and try them on. Their cheap road shoes are good value.
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