Anyone know what 'Tats and Tak' means?


I was very into Clapton as a kid. In the liner notes of 'Just one Night' it says "Many thanks to Mr. Udo, Tats and Tak – see you again soon." The phrase 'tats and tak' is nice to say.

I always assumed 'tats and tak' means - basically - 'cheers, thanks a lot' and I've not thought about it for years, but just now I had the urge to sign off a not-at-all-formal-but-still-work email with 'tats and tak' and it occurred to me that I don't actually know what it means, and if you google it you get a lot of results about tattoos.

Do any of you know what it means, and what language it is? With 'Just one Night' being a live in Japan album I'd have assumed it was Japanese, but google translate is no help. Over to you!

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Sounds like they're people, like Mr. Udo


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Mr Udo is a very famous live music promoter in Japan (UDO Productions). Probably the most well known in fact. He has worked with everybody that is somebody at one time or another..
Tats and Taks are very popular short (versions) of Japanese names.


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Well as seasoned Scandi Noir watchers we are all used to hearing Danish detectives saying "Tak" for thanks, so it's not unthinkable that the words could enter common use.
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