Anyone listening to radio 4 right now?

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They've just dropped a right bollock. All of a sudden a voice spoke over the programme, 'you and yours' saying "testing testing..... It's so farking cold in here, Jesus christ."

Then a news reading was broadcast simultaneously with the programme for a couple of minutes.

Someone's in trouble.
In order to help them keep their stance for balanced reporting, you should phone in and say 'by the devil, it's so farking hot here'.


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I won't tell you the full story, but there was a case in NI once when a radio station broadcast a telephone interview with a very opinionated Unionist politician. At the end of the interview the interviewer was supposed to be faded down and some music faded up. The gremlins got in though and the NI radio audience was treated to the interviewer telling his producer exactly what he thought of the politician, and it was particularly uncomplimentary! :laugh:

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The DJ on my local radio station fell asleep at about 6.15am a few years ago.

I thought there was something up, although the records kept playing.

I knew the station manager at the time, and he told me later the studio automatically switches to a tape if there is a silence or no activity for a minute or so.

The manager knew something was up because he heard the first record on the tape, which was not introduced by the DJ.

He hot footed it to the station, woke up the DJ, and sacked him after the programme ended.

The incident provided the DJ with his five minutes of fame.

It made a few stories in the tabloids, and I think he appeared on breakfast telly.


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Well, considering it was a pretty dandy blooper it seems to have gone otherwise unreported.
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