anyone made an insurance claim against rsa/more than?


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i've currently got an insurance claim in against royal and sun alliance/more than and, between solicitor and bro-in-law who's an insurance claims handler, i've no idea what to expect.

anyone actually dealt with the above? i'm hoping they use someone like evans to sort the bike replacement out…


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i used to work for allianz and from my experience we used Wheelies direct to source replacement bikes. if i got a bike claim through (very unlikely as i didnt work in the PI team) i'd get it sorted ASAP myself but some would sit on it for a while.

shouldnt be too bad really although i believe all their claims handling reps are based overseas so they have no idea what your on about!!


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You don't have to accept any 'voucher' - you'd have to push to get a cash settlement, but as you've alread got a quote you've done the leg work.


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Insurance companies, including RSA, are moving to more "pro-active" settlement of claims in an effort to avoid the costs of claimants issuing proceedings. This can mean you'll receive an up-front or early offer. IMO it would be in your interest to take legal advice before accepting such an offer.

Some info here on "RSA Care":
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