Anyone remember the 'Sociable' - one bike, two riders sit side by side?


Started young, and still going.
It looks a strange beast. Where did the inside feet of the riders go?
I've seen such a thing - I think it was on display at the cycle-hire shop next to the Seven Sisters visitor centre in Sussex. Don't recall if it was being offered for hire or just on show as an attention-getter. Looks mighty uncomfortable to ride, especially if the two riders are not evenly matched (or of ample girth!). And of course there's no way you can continue solo if your partner drops out. I'd say, stick with a tandem....
A bit of googling reveals lots. Evidently this creation has been around for a long time. Notice how ideally suited it is to ladies in long skirts, no top tube (nor any other tubing for that matter) to get in the way of your particulars. Eat your heart out Mrs Bloomer!

But indubitably a pootle-machine only. :sad:
My favorite ride of all was with Arch's old gang of compatriots and the Eric Stahler Conference bike:


..and the only truly sociable cycle - the bar bike

There are two sociable tandem bicycles in York, both are old Buddy bikes (originally imported by Neatwork of Coldstream in Scotland) and both are owned by Get Cycling Community Interest Company. One was purchased recently and is in its original yellow paint, the other has been around the block a few times and was rebuilt last year and after being powder-coated in company purple. They are used in Get Cycling's cycle promotion work on public and schools roadshows. They can be ridden by folk of different weights and even solo (at a push).

I hate them.
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