Anyone use for email and having problems?

jay clock

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Hampshire UK
I have been using for over 10 years. I get an email with a domain name which I like a lot. I then pay for for forwarding to a btinternet account where I manage spam etc, and then use POP3 to download the mail into Outlook. I also own a couple of other personal domains which I use for things like forum logins and these are diverted straight into the bt internet account

Recently I started not getting about 25% of emails. Logging into the server I could then see those emails sitting there, and they had never been forwarded (for which I pay 60USD for 2 years)

Complete lack of response from Having googled it, they seem to be pissing off many users. One trick is that there seems to be no way of deleting or changing the credit card details they hold. Luckily the card on file I cancelled last year

Interested to see if anyone else has had problems?

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