Aperitif...so when exactly are you getting this....

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Ha ha, hello Lee, - funny really as I was expecting to find a bit of misery on my return from Jack the Dog walking!(Couldn't face watching yet more excitement on a rugby pitch) Text reports kept me up to date with the match and SWMBO was happy with the result by the time we returned. Next week I could find all my bikes sawn in half if England do the necessary (sorry France! :biggrin: ) :biggrin:
Anyway, my Father in Law(Age 72, dyed in the wool Frenchman, well into second childhood etc) has an Orca and it is a very pretty beast. Bought from his nearby bike shop in St Chinian, complete... So. If I do get one it will be from Cycles Mari and be stuffed in my van and brought to Blighty! However, M. Mari suggested I would be better on a Cervelo "...more rigid than a Look..." and he was very convincing, and I know nothing about a bicycle er... Oh bums! Decisions decisions. Maybe I ought to lose some kilos and gain some £s.:biggrin::biggrin:


Yesh its interesting what you can pick up (information re: diff. bikes etc..) from a cycle shop / those that work in 'em...

All the best !
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