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Speaking with a well known member of this forum earlier, it became apparent that he would like me to attend the cycling festival he is organising with my Penny Farthing.

I already have a set fee but as it is common for artists/performers to add riders to their contract I need to request some of my own. (I consider myself an artist because that is what it says on my TdeF backstage pass:thumbsup:wink:

So, apart from star billing and the line 'Roger the Hildodger - as seen on TV' what else do you think I should demand?
Aren't there tales of various celebrities or rock divas or other too-far-up-their-*rse people demanding a dressing room full of flowers, or a pink dressing room, or a fresh lobster or something ?

My wife organised the Christmas Do for her company for several years, including booking entertainment.
One year she booked a Tom Jones-lookalike who'd been on Stars In Their Eyes - he requested a room to change/get made-up in....and a ham sandwich for afterwards.
Seemed fair enough !


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I would insist on a bucket-full of class-A drugs a bevvy of open-minded young ladies and a small team of experts working out new ways for them to be nice to you!


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Ask if you can share the same dressing room as Vicky Pendleton.
Also, if you could demand a bowl of red peanut butter m+ms, then that'd cause them a fair bit of difficulty, simply because peanut butter m+ms are extremely hard to find in this country. They're kind of gross though.
spandex said:
how about asking to get into the party on the night free?

that is if there is one!
You and your big mouth! Thats you uninvited!
I'm with sam - red peanut butter smarties, though I think they are ace!!

Other reliable favorites - Lots and lots of slutty girls, huge quantities of drugs, a get out clause along the lines of "You cannot hold me responsible for my behaviour if there are more, or less, than 12 green smarties in a crystal bowl of 2000 of them." just easy to arrange stuff like that really, nothing major.
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