Apple users: iOS6 and GPS issues?


Lost it, got it again.
Anyone else out there who upgraded to iOS6 last night and is having GPS issues today?

My iPhone 4 now on iOS6 had a nightmare with GPS on Runtastic and Strava today - both couldnt find a signal for ages, Strava gave up entirely. Runtastic found it and then dropped it 16 times over a 29km ride. Strava still cant get a good lock on at all.

My wife's iPhone 4 also now on iOS6 also started to drop GPS this morning on Runtastic, missing out 4km of her 5km run!

So, is this an iOS6 issue, or is it a GPS issue today?


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iOS issue I believe unfortunately they probably put a 6.0.1 version to correct this

also issues with wi-fi for some


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Ah cool. I shall badger Apple then!
There is a new backend API for GPS tracking.

Whilst they previously made use of the Google open API I suspect there will be different levels of service depending on how much each is prepared to pay Apple.

The good thing is that the GPS tracking is independent of the app. Access to this is currently free.
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