Aquired this vintage Stelber bicycle, Wondering it's value and other info anyone may have.

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by TommyinHouston, 7 Mar 2018.

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    Hello all new member here, name is Tommy. I joined and am posting due to me needing a little help and not sure where to turn to at the moment. I normally Buy newer Bicycles in need of a little repair or something, then do the work needed and resale for a little side money here and there. Sometimes I might acquire a couple bikes that are just basic and cheap so I then might throw a motor or something on them to make a profit in those cases. One thing I do not have to much knowledge of though is older vintage bikes.

    And in this last batch purchased from a neighbor, it had to vintage bikes. The Stelber ladies bike, and a Murry Mercury 3 speed mens bike. The Murry I am quite sure is not as old or valuable as the Stelber... have no idea what the value of the Stelber is actually, just pretty sure whatever it is the Murry will be less lol. I will post pictures here so if anyone knows about this specific brand they can see the condition it is in at the moment and what model and such that it is.

    As the pictures I have attached show I have yet to clean it up, I know sometimes on older items if you go cleaning and waxing or sanding and stuff you can cause the value to go down. Anyways... the teal paint looks to be in pretty good shape, a little soap and water, then some wax and a good buffing and I think there would be no reason to consider repainting this bike what so ever. now the chrome on this bike is possibly a different story, Although I have seen chrome in shape close to this that cleans up amazingly well with a few s.o.s. pads. Tires need air and possibly tubes, and once aired up the tires themselves may be dry rot and need to be replaced. It appears to all be here and have nothing missing. I am pretty sure the tank/headlight is not an add on and came originally with the bike, and the battery compartment has no corrosion from batteries being left in too long.

    That's pretty much it.... If anyone could help that knows about this particular bike I would greatly appreciate it.. like I said I was needing to know the value, where to sale, and if I should work on it before attempting to sale or best to sale in the shape it is currently in? Looking forward to your responses and info and such, and thank you all in advance!

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    Very nice bike Tommy. We're mostly Brits on here but we do have a few stateside members. I'm sure @Gravity Aided Will have something to add. What you suggested would have the bike in saleable condition and looking good.
  3. Stelbers were bikes mostly made by Puch/Diamler /Steyr in Austria, imported by a company in New York, and also sold by Sears, I am told, mostly by respondents to the CABE. Few examples of Stelbers survive, I'm told, mostly due to low build quality. About like Iver and Johnson, or Iverson, with whom they share some components, in a few cases. Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange may be able to dredge up some more information. Mens' bicycles in this marque are worth more, fewer survivors. As with any bicycle, girls took better care of their bikes, so more survive.
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    Rear wing is missing.
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