Armstrong BBC Interview now on!

Watching the interview, it looks like he does not realise that the World went against him not for doping but for his conduct during the period of doping. Only admitted to dishonesty but not being the ring leader or the bully. Also incredibly claimed that he was not offered the chance to fess up while others had.

The comeback "bridge" and the "biggest mistake" was interesting and shows that remorse is still not there. The remorse was about getting caught.

Frankly if he just said he was sorry for all the things that he did, everyone and him would have moved on.

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Just watched this on iplayer.

The man is a liar and a doper nobody including him disputes this and it's easy to keep repeating this.

There will be a time to move on from this and that time is getting closer because he wasn't and still isn't the only one. He had such a huge profile and as he said in the interview he just "couldn't stop fighting everyone". Was that a by product of the drugs ? We may never know.

However he needs to pay for what he did which he is but there are several out there in the shadows praying that the hand of the media and law enforcement doesn't find them. He makes a valid point that back in 95-2006 he would do it all again because so many were doing it. No excuse, don't get me wrong but today he wouldn't. I am not so sure as we still have big question marks over certain teams today and if he were part of them would he stand there and "Just say No".

Who knows what is going on in the background of todays cycling, none of us that's for sure but as a result of LA coming clean, for whatever reasons, there may just be a chance that cycling may be that litle bit cleaner in 2015 than it was in 1995 and indeed even last year.

Whatever, let him pay and then move on, there are some amazing young cyclists out there waiting in the wings, let them not be tainted by the sports history or our jaded memories.
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