Around the world in one day.


Hi people, tommorow I'm taking part in the world in a day NHS charities fundraiser. 80 of us will be attempting to ride 240 miles on our turbo trainers. 240 miles is what Endurence athlete Mark Beoumount had to cover per day to acheive his cycle around the world in 80 days world record.
I think I was one of the first to be Furloughed in the country and it feels like it's been forever. All I've done is paint the house a little, other than that I've been a complete dosser, so it's a challenge to concentrate on while doing something worthwhile for a great cause.
I want to Target £1 a mile ideally but please give what you can no matter how small. £3 would be better than nothing.
If I start at 5am and average around 16 mph I can be finished in time for the door step clap. Hopefully if people will help and ride in front of me I will be done well before then. Link to the charity is found below.



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