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I'm having a bad week. Well, in one way it's brilliant, I've had excellent commutes with loads of friendly and tolerant drivers. Some sort of attitude problem seems to have crept into my cycling though, I'm riding like a right c@nt, and although none of it is really extreme or dangerous, it's not of the usual standard I expect of myself. Frustrating, because I'm struggling to stop myself seeing the need for speed, and I'm feeling guilty because everyone else has been driving/riding so well around me.

Oh, and I nearly got taken out by a bus yesterday. I was on a main road, about to turn right into a minor junction. Bus was at that same junction on my right on the minor road, and I watched him glance to the right, but not to his left. Since nearly all buses turn left at this junction (towards me), I made the stupid assumption that he would also turn left, especially after the lack of looking.

Just as I get in front of his bow, he pulls out and turns right. Arrrghh!!! All was avoided as I yelled a loud "OOOIIII!" and flicked the recumbent to the left to get out of his way. To his credit, he stopped immediately and apologized profusely. I did too, saying "no worries mate, I also make mistakes." He did try to blame not seeing me on my being so low, so I pointed out that I watched him not even look left at all, but we parted on a good note.
It does happen on occasion Mikey, the need for speed is a very hard mistress to resist.

Commute in on your fixie instead of the 'bent for one day. Change of bike, change of style - a change is as good as a rest as the old adage goes.

Another thing I do when I realise that I've got the need for speed is to change the focus of my riding. So whilst riding fast I concentrate on riding as smoothly as possible. It makes for a very satisfying ride - the focus on precision takes away from the outright desire for speed (I find). Smooth bell-shaped braking, extra dilligence on the gears to stay in the 100-110rpm cadence zone with silky smooth shifting. Really focusing on cornering technique, and making small adjustments to my course to avoid dodgy road surface instead of more agressive flicking of the bike.

Give either of those two a shot (the second is my favorite, as it is good training too!) and see if it helps. Also look at what might be causing this? Are you frustrated with something at the moment etc?


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Still got yer race head on after the weekend?

I find the goodwill got from waving some on helps put thinks in perspective (unless the inconsiderate b@star6s don't wave back. Grrrrr)


We all get these times,i was ready to explode for weeks before me hols,but im feeling great now,what with painting and decorating,its calmed me down no end.A break in the daily routine has done it for me i think?


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Why not go for a really long ride one day out into the country? Get it out of your system.

Realistically we all go through phases like this so don't be too harsh on yourself. See if you can work out a way to turn it to your advantage.
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