Asbestos .


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There is an apology on Politics and life after my strop last week .

So i have been catching up on posts .And this caught my eye .

You see we were out on Weds ,on our way to Bolton Abbey.But i did fancy going somewhere else .So as we approached Asquith village School .I told my buddy we were going up this hill .Up an up it went nice and steady .We finished up at a crossroads on the Otley to Blubberhouses road .Moorland .We turned round to see how far we had climbed ,and what a view .

Well i looked at the signpost,and saw LOW SNOWDEN,well i had heard of Lord Snowden so i had a shufty down the road .Till i saw the post that indicated a 15% ride back up .But below me was the Reseviour it looked beautiful .Then turning around i thought i saw a plie of silver rock .
Well being nosey i went over,it was a pile of maybe 20 sacks of ,and it said on the bags which were sealed .Hazardous asbestos waste,dangerous .

So back home in Leeds i phone Harrogate District council ,they gave me a number ,did i know if it was on private land,did i hell.They were not interested,so i sent an e-mail to a Harrogate councillor .One week and he has not replied either ,but he might be on holiday .

I thought one mention of asbestos they would have been there like a rocket .Going to go back next month .When i am back off my holiday .To see if it has been seen to .
Get onto the HSE about it, someone should get a stuffing for that.
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