Ashdown Forest ride Sunday 6.4.08

Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by Zoom, 6 Jan 2008.

  1. Zoom

    Zoom Über Member

    Hello; thought the best way to introduce myself was by organising a ride :smile:

    a repeat of 2006 and 2007's Mid Xmas ride from East Grinstead to Barcombe for lunch via Ashdown Forest; this time repeated in the spring to admire the bluebells and blossom (and hopefully deer; I know their haunts)

    all abilities, 80km (with an optional 30km feeder ride down from Coulsdon)
    some climbing :smile:

    Meet East Grinstead station 10.30
  2. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Sounds interesting, Zoom. Does one enter or just turn up?
  3. OP

    Zoom Über Member

    just turn up; very informal; haven't thought of a pub for lunch yet; probably Barcombe
  4. Intelligenthamster

    Intelligenthamster Über Member

    On the Wheel
    How many miles? Is this road, off-road, bit of both?
  5. OP

    Zoom Über Member

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