Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by mrben, 15 Jan 2008.

  1. tdr1nka

    tdr1nka Taking the biscuit

    My only experience is of USS(KMX-X).
    I am finding the transition from MTB to trike steering quite hard work, something I aim to rectify in part by getting some skinny slicks on those wheels!

    T x
  2. banjokat

    banjokat New Member

    York, UK
    I've recently converted my USS bike to OSS, not because I didn't like USS, I just fancied a change.
    USS advantages -
    slightly less twitchy low speed handling
    end of handlebar is a convenient place to hang your cap on those tiresome climbs
    OSS advantages-
    MUCH, MUCH easier to mount computers, mirrors etc
    Bike is much easier to store / fit through doorways
    Also, with my hinged tiller setup I can raise or lower the bars a bit to stretch my arms.

    I find both setups equally comfy but on the whole I think I prefer above seat steering.

    BTW it's my first post on here - hello everyone!
  3. NickM

    NickM Veteran

    Wotcher, cock :angry:

    Another member of the York recumbent posse, I see...
  4. Phil

    Phil New Member

    Has to be USS for the majority of us - because lets be honest, we're not very fast are we? That last 2% of aero isnt making that much difference.

    USS complements the whole laid back, falling asleep in the sun, getting a tan, confusing people who've never seen a bent before, "it might be an ergonomic miracle but mainly its fun" thing. And thumb shifters are cooler.

    I converted my OSS to USS out of curiosity, & rode D.Tek's fleet, so my opinion is vaguely respectable.
  5. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    Just to complicate thing even further.......

    There are different ASS systems...

    My Hurricane has a long upright section between a hinge and the bars enabling the bars to fit above the legs and (as above) allows positional changes.
    BArs can be narrow, simply enough to hold the controls, or norma handlebars
    Example here

    Others like the speed Machine have a shorter "stem" with large sweeping bars which surround the knees

    As here:

  6. squeaker

    squeaker Über Member

    AKA 'praying hamster' and 'superman' :~
  7. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    Mike Burrows advocates the "Hamster"
  8. Phil

    Phil New Member

    Well, Phil advocates USS & getting a tan. So who you gonna believe? :smile:
  9. davidwalton

    davidwalton New Member

    Hamster for me as well.
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